Guidos GALAxy in The Style of Queen Maxima

Guidos GALAxy in The Style of Queen Maxima and when she laughs

Guidos GALAxy: The Style of Queen Maxima.

Guidos GALAxy.

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Guidos GALAxy in The Style of Queen Maxima she is fluent in

Star Designer and GALA columnist Guido Maria Kretschmer about the Style of Queen Maxima.

My favourite Style Queen is quite clearly Queen Máxima of the Netherlands – she brings Glamour and Style to the Dutch Royal house. If one is honest, the native of Argentina and even the Dutch as the Rest of the family. On the side of her husband, king Willem-Alexander, she is loved by the people. What I think is right: she is fluent in Dutch, makes beautiful children and when she laughs the sun comes out .

A tribute to Beatrix.

Máximas clothing style is special and extravagant. Your Outfits are always a small tribute to your mother-in-law, the former Queen of the Netherlands, Beatrix. Big hats, she can be quite wonderful, combined to bright colors and modern cuts.

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