Deutsche Bahn in the corona of a crisis Are our Tickets more expensive?

Deutsche Bahn is in need of billions in Corona help

Our rail Tickets for the more expensive?

11. May 2020 – At 14:07

Utilisation of the web a massive drop in

The Federal government has called for the start of the Corona of a pandemic to avoid unnecessary travel. A month ago Deutsche Bahn announced that the capacity utilization of the trains dropped dramatically. And that makes now in the cashier felt. The railway expects the Corona-crisis in the next four years, with a loss in the tens of billions. But what does this mean for the rail driver?

The cars driving, but no one moves

Empty platforms, empty trains. Who was in the last few weeks with the ICE on the road, was part of all the wagons alone. The number of passengers in passenger traffic slumped because of the corona crisis. In April, the trip was advent in the long-distance transport, only ten to 15 per cent. And that also affects the revenue. No passengers, no ticket sales.

A recent report by the Funke media group is now the exact Figures. Accordingly, the Deutsche Bahn expects that by 2024, in the worst case, with a loss of 13.5 billion euros. And the Federal government seems to want to step in with billions. The newspaper refers to a concept that had worked on the railway with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of transport. The Deutsche Bahn did not want to comment on RTL’s request and referred to the meeting of the Supervisory Council next Friday.

That is a fatal Signal, so the traffic club

Of course, this is only a concept and not yet a done deal. However, should it come to this, the traffic club of Germany, the Timetable and the prices of the Tickets will be in danger. "The savings could increase in price and a limited roadmap lead", so Philipp Kosok from the traffic club Germany e. V..

Both had a fatal Signal. Especially in times of climate change an Expansion of the range and affordable prices is important. Critically, he sees that the railway should undertake in return for massive savings in their own operations. This also includes cuts in staff, according to media report, among other things, and in the case of material costs.

Everything at the beginning of

The course of the policy you have now embarked on finally, so Kosok. Finally, once you have begun looking for more staff, the railway network to expand and to focus on growth. This is long been overdue. But that would be thrown with planned savings over the pile . "I hope the Federal government goes in and except for the", says Kosok.

A positive consequence of the current Situation of the German railway has, however, The trains arrive on time to your destination, announces the train.

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