Daniela Büchner

Daniela Büchner

Daniela Büchner was by the VOX-documentary "Goodbye Germany“ on the side of Jens Büchner known. 2015 learn "Danni“ the cult-children of Delmenhorst city, you know. The two are a Couple. Love Daniela Büchner moves with her three children, “Ego”, Jada, and Wolkan to her husband Jens to Spain, where you have to build a new home in Cala Millor. In the TV Format "Goodbye Germany,“ accompanies these and many other steps of the two .

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Daniela Büchner: patch work family with Jens

Daniela and Jens Büchner combines a great love. In 2016, Daniela brings the common twins, Jenny Soraya and Diego Armani to the world. With three children, Daniela and Jens‘ three offspring from a previous relationship is a big Patchwork-family. At the christening of the twins of the cult of the Wanderer of his loved one, the question of all questions. In June 2017, the wedding follows after two years of relationship on a Finca on Mallorca.

Daniela Büchner in the TV

In the summer of 2018, Daniela and Jens Büchner in the RTL-show "To see the summer home of the Stars – battle of the celebrity couples.“ In episode four the Few of his comrades-in-arms from the celebrity is chosen-WG. For his part, the Couple must have been much criticized.

Daniela büchner’s heavy blows of fate

In November 2018, Jens Büchner (†46) dies of lung cancer. Especially tragic: it is also Daniela’s first husband Yilmaz Karabas dies. Daniela Büchner and Karabas were divorced at the time of his death. About the first marriage for the 41-Year-old is not much known, but the native Delmenhorsterin admitted that she was abused by her Ex-boyfriend, miss. Of your loss you have helped at the time, especially her three older children. Now Daniela Büchner is the second Time a widow. And their five children are half-orphans. Your grief is processed, the widow, among other things, on Instagram. Distraction-the blonde in the "Faneteria". Together with her husband Jens, the Five-time mommy opened in April 2018, the Locally on Mallorca, and had to be closed again. Since 1. May 2019 is opened the popular cafe again .

Daniela Büchner: cancellation for the "Jungle camp"

Daniela Büchner was in the conversation for the participation of "I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!" , after the death of her husband but on the other hand.

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