“Comeback or way?”

Trends of the 70s, 80s and 90s in the Test

Commodore 64, Super-8 camera or postage stamp water pots: Seven prominent mothers and fathers of test together with your children in the new episodes "Comeback or way?" – extinct items, as well as Trends of the 70s, 80s and 90s. How to use the items and how they are called? And especially: What deserves a Comeback, and what can go away forever ?

In each episode of "Comeback or way?" Verona Pooth and son, San Diego (14), Anne-Sophie Briest with her daughter, Faye Montana (14), Oli P., with his son Ilias (18), Jenny Elvers with son Paul (17), David Odonkor, with daughter Adriana, (9), Kai Böcking with son Luca (15) and Silvan-Pierre Leirich with daughter Sophia (13) and son Niccolò (16)are: .

Stamp water pots, or the C64 – many of these items gathering dust today in the attic or traded at the flea markets. In four new episodes of "Comeback or way?" you will receive your Grand entrance and will be taken from prominent families under the magnifying glass. Who knows, what are these things, as they are called and how to use them? Finally, the celebrity must choose children: a have this today, not everyday products "Comeback" you deserve or belong "way"?

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