Cangemi and Feijoo What to look for in cashmere should pay attention to

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Design interior give care tips: What to look for in cashmere should pay attention to

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  • 02.10.2019

No other wool strain is so soft and comfortable as cashmere. The design of the interior Elisabetta Cangemi and Christiana Feijoo provide tips on care.

The cashmere clothes are not hanging pieces is best, otherwise the wool wear out. At best, the pieces store on the stack .

The cashmere clothes are not hanging pieces is best, otherwise the wool wear out. At best, the pieces store on the stack .

Cashmere is as soft and cuddly companion on cold winter days. "It is cuddly, warm, like the softest fluff settles on the skin ", Elisabetta Cangemi explains . "No other wool places of this world can give you this feeling ." The designer with her partner Christiana Feijoo, the Label aware cashmere and the two of them know what to look for when buying, and care of the material. In an Interview with spot on news you also explain how much a cashmere part should be the buyers actually value .

How has the cashmere-fashion changed a lot in the last few years ?

Christiana Feijoo: it is set to classic and timeless Designs. Nevertheless, it is always amazing how much is out of this special Material: New colors and accents, as well as material compositions to give the cashmere a different Look, but the character of the yarn is maintained.

Demo in front of the Bundestag

Police ended the conversation by Oliver Pocher and Attila Hildmann

What has quality and price is unchanged ?

Elisabetta Cangemi: Very much. Here there are infinitely many differences. Previously it was a lot of thoughtful and careful with it. Not everyone could afford cashmere. Today, it has become a mass product in every Department store chain it is to buy a cheap cashmere. In the end, it is pure and high quality cashmere is now even more precious.

What should you look for when buying ?

Feijoo: The 100-percent cashmere from the undercoat of the goat is not easy to find. Often the top is processed with wool, foreign wool, mixed and chemically processed, for example, is softer made. Of course, the soft plays handle the most important role. The softer the cashmere, the better the quality. If the cashmere part is cheap, you can be sure that is not it’s wool to pure cashmere made from the fine, even if it says so on the label .

How did you enjoy his Kashmir-part?

Cangemi: only Wash with a hand wash or in Wool cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees. We personally use as a detergent, preferably baby shampoo. There is also special detergent for cashmere wool are usually very expensive, because Shampoo is the perfect Alternative. Fabric softener is taboo. Best of Kashmir-part of lying, and then with the iron, carefully steam, by the heat, the fine hairs are dry, back to fluffy. With time, wool nodules, so-called form "Peeling" – can be easily removed with a razor or special comb .

How much does a good cashmere costs ?

Feijoo: The lowest limit is 290 Euro. The cashmere price is set annually according to kilograms, and is how the Gold price on the Internet for each. It depends a lot on how much the wool produced by the goats, depending on the temperature conditions. Climate change also plays a major role here. As a reference: a goat is animal welfare about 150 grams of wool in a year – 1 Pullover approx. 170 weighs – 200 grams!

How come then the part quite cheap prices ?

Cangemi: By the nowadays usual mass production was also very helped: not to be kept goats, for example, at a height of 2000 meters, but in goat farms. And instead of once, you will be shorn several times a year. Here, China is the market leader. They buy up the whole of the cashmere wool in Nepal and have their own cashmere goat farms. The starvation wages of the factory workers determine largely the price on the market. A Kashmir part of China (if 100 percent cashmere) price, it costs less than the actual market, because all of the costs for the raw material will be subsidized by the state. When buying, therefore, simply sewn on the Inside label to see where the piece comes at all .

How do you, within your label, in order ?

Cangemi: We always know exactly who has worked on it and how much love is put into every single piece. For the women in the small manufactory in Nepal, it means that your life is in one’s own country is estimated to be worth less than a piece of clothing made of cashmere. For the Survival of their children and family, put every day all the hope in their work. For us to not take this view and to appreciate their craft means. The manufactory is an advocate for human rights and, follows our philosophy "100% lovely Trade".

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