Barmer “dental report” Every 3 child up to 12 years old had tooth decay

Significantly more than previously thought

Barmer “Dental Report”: Every 3. Child up to 12 years old had tooth decay

29. May 2020 – 7:25 PM

Alarmingly high Numbers

A third of the twelve-year-old in Germany has caries in permanent teeth. The findings of a study by the health insurance company Barmer. The "Dental report" reported, therefore, of 240,000 children with a caries-treatment in 2018 are much higher than previously assumed.

"Studies have so far assumed that about 19 percent of the twelve-year-old ", Barmer-chief Christoph Straub said on Thursday. The Figures are based on health insurance data of over nine million patients.

In Hamburg, there are most of the children with caries

In the study, among other things, the share of twelve-year-old has been detected with no caries treatment. In this section, is Hamburg, About 60 percent of the twelve-year-olds have had a dental caries treatment. In the Saarland there are just under 70 percent.

Why so many children have cavities, we can only speculate, says Michael Walter, the Director of Dresden’s polyclinic for Dental prosthetics at the presentation of the results. Perhaps a change in diet played a role or that some population groups could be difficult to achieve for dental health. In the case of disadvantaged families, you will see a Trend of neglect of dental protection, added Straub .

Many children under the age of 6 have never been to the dentist

There is also a polarisation: "Few children and adolescents have particularly a lot of caries", Straub says. In the case of adolescents and children under the age of 18 years, ten percent have a proportion of 70 to 90 percent of total benefits. The problems were already situate in the first few years – more than 15 percent of the Under-six-year-old, according to the study, yet never at the dentist.

Also younger children have according to the report, problems with dental caries: More than half of the ten-year-olds – around 400,000 more children – already has a treatment of Caries in milk teeth behind. Not causing it, only partly in pain, but this often leads to problems in the permanent teeth, explains Walter. How to prevent caries in the milk teeth, you can find here.

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