August Diehl

Thoughtful and incredibly authentic: the German actor August Diehl is acting in his roles and in real life.

August Diehl

  • Born 4. February 1976 , Berlin, Germany
  • First Name August
  • Name Diehl
  • Forty four
  • Size 1.8 m
  • Zodiac Capricorn
  • Julia Malik (married in 1999, separated)
  • Children Of Elsa Augusta (*2009) ; Arthur (*2012)

Not everyone knows that

Since the filming of "What use is love in thoughts" is August a friend of Diehl and his fellow actor Daniel Brühl is very good .

His desire, together with Director Michael Haneke ("The Piano Player" to rotate), a short Film .

His wife Julia Malik who played the role "Nora Lindbergh" in the Sat.1-Telenovela "In love in Berlin".

As of August, the film festival 2009 in Cannes, the news got out that his heavily pregnant wife Julia in the delivery room is located, he picked up immediately on the next plane to Berlin to assist at the birth of his daughter Elsa Augusta to be.

August Diehl grew up in the French region of Auvergne. On the parental farm, he has learned how to make your own cheese. Until today, he has a great penchant for smelly cheese.

August Diehl is a heavy smoker. At least a box he smokes per day – in the case of Stress even more.

The actor loves the music of the group Radiohead, and is very fond of reading poems of Else Lasker-schüler.

Since the year 1999, he is married to actress Julia Malik. The corridor in front of the altar was a spontaneous action. Only two months after he had met her, he made her a romantic proposal. The wedding itself brought him back to his own statement, in reality: "Birth certificate dig out, and go go, on command, to kiss, ready-to – married." In the meantime, the Couple is separated, however, .

The fall down the stairs in "Love the hard way" a Mistake and not was in the script. The Director Peter Very the scene liked but so good that he let you cut out .

In the music video to the song "Vessel traffic" from Herbert Grönemeyer, August Diehl, you can see .

In the night of the 8. March 2011 made August Diehl a plan: The actor has made with Pete Doherty, a pub crawl in Regensburg, where the two work to shoot for the Film "Confession of a Child of the Century" were. Apparently, they smashed the window of a record business, and stole from the decoration of a guitar and a gramophone record. The police was burglary, and later came to the conclusion that the Parties at the time of the crime to be intoxicated point and debt were unable to pay. The Regensburg Prosecutor requested against August Diehl and Pete Doherty casual then a criminal warrant for “driving fully-intoxication”.

The actor is also a guitarist in the Band Hands Up–Excitement!

Since the 2013/2014 season, August Diehl ensemble member at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

August has a gift for languages — he speaks German, English, Spanish and French.

Biography of August Diehl

He grew up in the countryside in France, "almost in the Wilderness", as of August Diehl says. "We have lived for years without electricity, in a house in the Auvergne, which you can reach only on foot could." His school time he spends in Hamburg, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Paris, and Prien am Chiemsee, depending on where you look, it attracts his parents, the actor Hans Diehl and his mother, who works as a costume designer, especially for professional reasons .

The beginning of a career, and a great movie roles

A role in the school theatre and the nomadic way of life from childhood days, August Diehl, eventually, also to acting. "Films is like a long journey, the man has no contact with the previous environment ." After his Abitur in Bavaria at a Waldorf school, he moved to Berlin and writes on the famous "Hochschule für schauspielkunst Ernst Busch" a. During his studies, he receives, in 1998, the main role in Hans-Christian Schmid’s Thriller "23 – Nothing is as it seems". For his first cinema as a passionate Computer Hacker Karl Koch, he is role as the best actor with the "German Film Award" and as the best young actor with the "Bavarian Film Price" honored. In the year 2000, he belongs in addition to the Europe-wide, 16 young actors, the "Shooting Star" will be chosen. There are many more roles in movies to follow, including in Rainer Kaufmann’s melodrama "Cold is the evening breeze", Robert Schwentkes Psycho-Thriller "Tattoo" and Achim von Borries Drama "What use is love in thoughts". In the Action-Thriller "Salt" he plays the husband of Angelina Jolie, and was allowed to kiss her even. And in Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar-nominated Film "Inglourious Basterds" August Diehl had a larger role as an SS-Sturmbannführer Dieter Hellstrom. In the road movie "Mrs. Ella" with Matthias Schweighöfer, he also plays the role "Klaus" and in "The young Karl Marx" he makes the great philosophers of all honor.

Angelina Jolie + Brad Pitt

As a freshly-baked Singles, you understand perfectly!

The love for the theatre stage and the aversion to television

But August Diehl pulls it again and again on the theatre stage. Especially for his performances in Peter Zadecks staging "Cleaned" at the Hamburger kammerspiele and Luc Bondys "The Seagull" at the Vienna Burgtheater, he is highly praised. August Diehl, however, says that he had simply been lucky. In 2013, he played in the Burgtheater in Vienna "Hamlet" and moved to Vienna, left a wife and daughter in Berlin. Vienna seems to love him – and Vice versa: in 2014 and 2016, he was seen again on the stage of the theater in the Austrian capital to .

What is missing there? Television roles. On TV, he doesn’t want to. The Osnabrücker Zeitung, he said in 2014: "The world has moved long ago, but German TV people are still in the 50s. You watch ‘House of Cards’. There’s a lousy politicians only live for their own power – and I think that is great. You can enjoy a villain a thousand times more than any hero." Quite obviously, he seems to have his mind changed, because the 2018 and 2019 expanded his list to two TV series in rolls "Perfume" and "The New Time".

The typical August Diehl

Offers there are for the actor a lot. However, the claims to be "very picky", when it comes to the selection. His roles are mostly bleak. Play is called for him to suffer. The characters, the brokenness, melancholy and a touch of madness to reflect, it is particularly – and were his trademark. See also in "The Counterfeiters", in which he is Adolf Burger, a concentration camp prisoner, is a father who defends his Ideal at the risk of life. Once again he has shown the right instincts, because the strip is received at the end of February 2008, the Oscar "best foreign language Film". For August Diehl, the nomination alone was a Surprise, and it took me three days to realize this happiness, he says. The feeling that he is part of an Oscar-winning film, was incredible. He had to figure out what that means for him personally. Reflecting, thoughtful, and incredibly authentic: So he is – in his roles and in real life.

August Diehl and Julia Malik

August married in 1999, the German actress Julia Malik, 2009 daughter Elsa came to the world and in 2012, a son, Arthur followed. 20 years of marriage, family happiness — from what I saw so far, anyway. In truth, the two live separately, but since 2016, as Julia revealed in the beginning of 2019. While she makes no secret of your New, author Andreas Schimmel Busch, groping in August, still in the dark. Not that he would try with the intention of something secret — perhaps he is simply too busy to make a good Film after the other .

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