Arjen Robben

For quite some time, not only the Bayern no longer want to do without their top players, Arjen Robben, also for the Oranje, he is irreplaceable.

Arjen Robben

  • Born 23. January 1984 , Bedum, Groningen, The Netherlands
  • First Name Arjen
  • Name Seals
  • Years 36
  • Size 1.81 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner Bernadien Robben (married)
  • Children Luka (*2008) ; Lynn (*2010) ; Kai (*2012)

Not everyone knows that

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you looking Arjen Robben in vain. "I don’t need these social networks. My life outside of the football field is not everyone. I’ve had multiple offers from people who wanted to make something with me in this area. Maybe in the future. But not currently", he said the ‘Welt am Sonntag’.

No one flies as nice as he is For his sometimes very dramatic swallows Arjen Robben is known, it is therefore sometimes as "Schwalbe king" or "The Flying Dutchman" mocked.

On 7. March 2015 had seals with a 3:1 against Hannover 96 to his 100. League victory and set a new record: He managed that so fast like no other player before him, in 126 Games. The old record was held by Thomas Müller and Willy Sagnol, the 148 games need.

In these 126 Bundesliga scored seals play 73 goals and shot this one more than FC Bayern in this time of goals conceded. There was never!

And still a further record, Arjen keeps Robben: His Sprint to the 5:1 against Spain during the world Cup 2014 was 37 km/h, the fastest ever measured by FIFA .

Close family ties: His father Hans is, even today, be a consultant.

Funny: at the beginning of 2015 Arjen Robben was injured in the Hand, wore a cuff. Reporters, he said: "When I got to the Billiards a ball out of the hole, I got bit by a crocodile ." Some of the media took his joke at face value and reported serious about the crocodile bite.

Arjen Robben is not the only left-footed, but left-handed.

Even if he had not become a professional footballer, he would have made his passion for sports in other ways to the profession . "With safety, I would have taken a profession in sports. May Be A Sports Teacher. My parents are both very sporty: My father is a sports teacher, my mother was a gymnast."

In his first season at Bayern, he was voted player of the season as well as footballer of the year .

In the computer game ‘FIFA 15’ is Arjen Robben the third-best player led. Only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to be rated better .

Biography of Arjen Robben

His market value was at 40 million euros. No wonder Arjen Robben for FC Bayern is essential. His performance in the Dutch national team can be seen: With the Oranje, he was at the last world Championships, Second and third. In the course of his career, he was already Dutch, English, Spanish and German champion, won the Champions League, and on several occasions the DFB-Pokal. Even in private he is with his wife and three children happy. Only a world Cup title is missing the Dutchman still.

From a young kicker to be a Star

Even as a child, the little Arjen for football enthusiastic. With five, he began to kick for his hometown club VV Bedum, with the twelve, he moved to FC Groningen. There, he was already at 16, his debut in the Eredivisie, the highest football League in the Netherlands. In the following season he was a regular player, some of the big Clubs cast an eye on the promising young star. Robben decided to go for the PSV Eindhoven.

This German Kicker to find the audience most attractive to

A good choice: In his first season with PSV, he was Dutch champion and together with team-mate Mateja Kežman to the Player of the year the Fans called the Duo lovingly "Batman and Robben". After a disappointing second season in the seal a long time, was injured, moved the midfielder to Chelsea FC and was immediately English master. For three years he played for the London Team, won the all England title. Real Madrid brought him in 2007 to Spain, where he won again in his first season the title of master. Long he remained, after two years it was over for him in the team .

Career at Bayern

Since then, Robben plays in the Bayern Jersey with the number 10. In his first season he won the championship. The DFB Cup was still on top of it, the Double was perfect. This success could top that seals In the 2012/13 season he won with Bayern the Triple. The was no German Team . On top of that, his goal in the 89. Minute of the Champions League final against Dortmund 2:1-victory. Bayern, the football star will remain with a salary of 7 million per year for a while. Especially since he is there for great success largely to blame. In 2017 he won with the record club, for the fifth Time in a row the German championship. His contract runs until 2018, a good decision, so Robben: "The switch to Bayern was the best step in my career".

Success with the national team

Also from the Dutch national team Arjen Robben is indispensable. In 2003, the then-19-Year-old made his debut in the national team, played during the European Championships a year later, already in the starting eleven. His biggest success with the Team the goal-scoring Dutchman, who likes to play right wing was able to record, at the 2010 world Cup in South Africa. He lived there with the Elftal to the finals, but lost to the Spaniards. Also in 2014 in Brazil was Robben again to close on world title: This Time it was only enough for third place. A small consolation: For his performance during the tournament, the Vice-captain was honored with the Bronze Ball as the third best player in the All-Star Team of the world Cup selected.

Arjen Robben and his ambivalent relationship to Social Media

A few years ago, the Kicker had a quite clear position on Instagram, Twitter and Co. "I don’t need these social networks. My life outside of the football field is not everyone. I’ve had multiple offers from people who wanted to make something with me in this area. Maybe in the future. But not currently", he said the ‘Welt am Sonntag’. In the fall of 2016 started this "The future" to, he was talking about in the Interview. Because all of a sudden you found the Bayern Star on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. While he is in the case of Facebook at least halfway active on-the-go and nearly 900,000 Likes can look forward to, wait, the Fans on Twitter and Instagram for 2016 (perhaps in vain?) on a second Post of your soccer stars. Because as a would feel Arjen Robben only obliged, finally time not to participate in the Social Media circus, even though he wants to, in truth, he is probably the only pro forma, only a single Post published.

Private happiness with wife and children

Actually, the player already has everything he needs for happiness: A woman at his side, and three sweet children. Since June 2007 he is married to his high school sweetheart Bernadien with the sons of Luka (* 2008) and Kai (* 2012), and daughter Lynn (* 2010). That his wife had to bring him victims, know Arjen to appreciate. "She moved because of my job often and it has always been after me, I want to give her something back", he told the ‘Welt am Sonntag’ and therefore, now, thoughts of his days after the professional football: "I’m going to take even more time for the family ."

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