Annemarie Carpendale

Started Annemarie Carpendale has your career in the spotlight as a singer, today she is as Pro7-all-purpose weapon, one of the most popular TV faces – and mother.

Annemarie Carpendale

  • Born 29. October 1977 , In Hanover / Germany
  • First Name Annemarie
  • Name Carpendale
  • Forty two
  • Size 1.66 m
  • Zodiac Scorpio
  • Partner Wayne Carpendale (married) ; Oliver Pocher (separated)
  • Children Young (*2018)

Not everyone knows that

Anne-Marie’s Weaknesses? "I’m not as structured and disciplined as I should be, ALWAYS go to bed late, because I go to bed ‘boring’ spot, and I’m always late. I think every day that my day has 48 hours and not wonder then that when I get through with it all. My husband calls it ‘messy’."

Professionally, Annemarie has to do on a daily basis with the Lifestyle of the Stars and starlets, but in private you like it quiet. Instead of celebrity parties, hanging out, relaxed as you prefer in a cosy cottage on the Baltic sea.

Annemarie has a younger brother named Christopher.

Who is so athletic, can sin also changes. Dearest Annemarie, Sushi, Italian and Chinese eats, but most of all at home with Mama.

Biography of Annemarie Carpendale

Even as a child, today’s TV presenter Annemarie Carpendale loved the limelight. Not only that, she was already stage in a young age to a variety of theatre, even as an Athlete, she made a name for himself. She took diligent ballet lessons and was fond of Rhythmic gymnastics – a sport for Annemarie even at the German Championships took part. By the way, the talented girl playing the piano. The dream of all parents!

Great Goals

After graduating, Annemarie Carpendale, then Warnkross could not quite decide which way she should go. She was not a plan of lots of young people, but just had memberships to a lot of suffering. Since she was in school in both languages, as well as good in math, she decided first of all for a Degree in business administration in Cologne. The target: International business consulting company, since you could connect to in this field, your love for Numbers with her Talent for foreign languages .

So you set the part correctly in the scene

Wayne Carpendale at the animal Park

You can find the Common ground?

10 inspirations for a unique home

Music career and studies

But then everything turned out quite differently. By chance, Annemarie for came in the year 2000 Band "Bellini" and made their first steps in the spotlight. The double burden of studying and a career in music was, however, not a good idea and so they got out after five years and the music on the nail. Now was enough time for different International internships in France, England and the USA and for the first moderation jobs.

TV career instead of business studies

However, Anne-Marie’s Plan was to put the music on abandon in order to focus on her studies, not quite, because now, she also worked as a Model and landed a Job in the RTL 2 News-editorial. As you then also still at a Casting when Music channel VIVA was able to convince and, thereafter, for the Format "Club Rotation" in use, remained her no choice – Annemarie threw her studies. If you look at the biography of Annemarie Carpendale today, it is likely to have this decision certainly not regretted it. After your time at VIVA, the presenter was obliged namely, Pro7 TV, and leads through to the Shipments "taff" and "red! Stars, Lifestyle + More". She also reported on years live from the red carpet at the Oscar ceremony.

The private happiness of Annemarie Carpendale

Not only professionally, it runs pretty about the pretty presenter, private Annemarie is floating on cloud nine. After a failed relationship Comedian Oliver Pocher (2002 to 2004), lost your heart Wayne Carpendale, the son of Howard Carpendale, you is, since 2011, engaged to be married. In September 2013, the two lovebirds were in a very romantic way to Ibiza, the Yes-word. Since Annemarie and Wayne are not only private a good Team, also in front of the camera, the dream power couple of a good figure. Since 2016, the two moderate together on Sat.1, the Gameshow "Ran to the man", in the women on your guys bets. Now a Baby is missing for a complete family happiness, actually, but that Annemarie looks left: "I think this is what you should plan. We feel no pressure in this regard. We are both total family are people, but at the moment just to busy with our own busy lives. We will press us a little bit of the responsibility. Currently my Baby is called Oscar – but at some point, there are probably babies with different name."

Late mother’s happiness with 40 years of

And this "at some point" become 2018 a reality! In 2017, the presenter announced, full of Pride, your pregnancy, and fed their 500,000 Of Instagram Subscribers since the snap-on belly shots of your growing baby. Likewise, on Instagram, Annemarie Carpendale, adopted in April 2018 in the baby break, may the long-awaited Junior saw finally the light of the world. Gender and Name of the baby are still secret, but sooner or later, the new mom is certainly more Details with your Social Media Fans share.

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